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Decora Smart TV Display

Regular Price:

  • Gallery Frame, Picture Frame, Smart TV
  • Gap Free wall mount
  • Invisible Power cable
  • Available from 32” up to 75”
  • Connects to Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Auto dimming screen
  • 4K Resolution
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Choose from different frames
  • Matte, non-reflective glass
  • Built-in speakers
  • Easy SD Card access

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Mirrorvue Vanity Mirror TV for Single Sinks

Regular Price:


Mirrorvue Standard Sizes.   Upgrade your bathroom with a Smart Mirror TV.  Easy ordering, fast delivery and easy 7-days return policy. 

  • Complete and ready to hang on the wall and use
  • Completely vanishing TV
  • Only 38mm thick (including mirror)
  • Easy to Order online. usually ships in 7-10 days.

Standard equipped with:

  • Smart TV and Internet Access
  • Smart Mirror Application 
  • DVB-T2/S2  (Only for markets outside USA and Canada)
  • Wi-Fi / LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Invisible Touch Buttons (TV control)
  • Built-in speakers
  • Zepp remote with suction cup holder

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Cosmos 50" Smart, All Weather Outdoor TV (2017 Model)

Regular Price:


On all online orders until April 30:  Free high quality Neoprene Cover. Choose from different colors and patterns. A $159  value!

  • Stainless Steel Smart All Weather Outdoor TV
  • 4K Ultra HD,  24 Volt, Full Temperature Control System. Use anywhere, anytime.
  • Protection Cap, Audio Streamers, Set-top Box compartment
  • Wide Angle Remote Control Receiver
  • 12 months warranty.    
  • 14 days Return Policy (USA and Canada Only)
  • This item is in stock. Orders ship within 1-2 business days.

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Ocea 280 Bathroom TV (28", 4K-UHD)

Regular Price:


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CabiTV CT 200

Regular Price:


Mouthwatering Picture Quality in your kitchen!

  • Made to measure to fit in every cabinet. Many customization options. 
  • Use it like a regular cabinet door
  • Only 1.9” deep.
  • HD picture quality,
  • Safe 12 volt
  • Customize it to fit the rest of the kitchen
  • When the TV is turned off, the front mirrors
  • Incl. Multifunctional remote

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