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Ocea Drill-Free Wall Mount System

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Install the Ocea without drilling!  Easy to install, very strong installation.  Available for all Ocea sizes (larger pads for the Ocea 320/400/500.

A template in included so that you know exactly where to mount the pads.  Installation takes around 10 minutes. 

Comes complete with 8 additional 3M pad for easy relocation.

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  • Don't want to drill a hole in the wall? Ocea unique Drill-Free wall mount system

    Ocea now offers a great way to install your bathroom TV without having to drill the wall. With the use of special hangers in combination with the 3M adhesive pads, you can now install the Ocea to the wall securely. Each hook is designed tol 45LBS/20KG and for the larger Oceas we have larger hooks that are designed to hold 65LBS/30KG  each.

Caccuri Gold

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Mirrorvue Standard Size

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Standard size Mirrorvue usually ships within 2-3 business days. 

The location of the TV is 6" from the bottom, and horizontally centered. If you look to have this changed, please contact us.  

  • TV vanishes completely when turned off.
  • Ready to hang on the wall. Comes with everything you need.  Installation is easy. Simply mount the wall mount strips on the wall, plug in power and hang the mirror. 
  • Available in different sizes, all ship in 3-4 business days.
  • Extra brightness 15.6'' (720P)waterproof LED panel for optimal performance.
  • Option: Upgrade to 22'' (Full HD 1080P) waterproof LED panel
  • Smart TV Android 6 available now.   You can add Full Smart TV with the Zepp Remote  for $99.00

For more information about Mirrorvue, please click here.

Cosmos 50" Smart, All Weather Outdoor TV (2017 Model)

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On all online orders until March 31:  Free high quality Neoprene Cover. Choose from different colors and patterns. A $159  value!

  • Stainless Steel Smart All Weather Outdoor TV
  • 4K Ultra HD,  24 Volt, Full Temperature Control System. Use anywhere, anytime.
  • Protection Cap, Audio Streamers, Set-top Box compartment
  • Wide Angle Remote Control Receiver
  • 12 months warranty.    
  • 14 days Return Policy (USA and Canada Only)
  • This item is in stock. Orders ship within 1-2 business days.

For more information about Cosmos Outdoor Entertainment, please click here.

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Ocea 280 Bathroom TV (28", 4K-UHD)

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For more detailed information about Ocea Bathroom TV,  please click here to visit  our main website

Due to strong demand:  Estimated ship date for new orders is March 15.

CabiTV CT 200

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Mouthwatering Picture Quality in your kitchen!

  • Made to measure to fit in every cabinet. Many customization options. 
  • Use it like a regular cabinet door
  • Only 1.9” deep.
  • HD picture quality,
  • Safe 12 volt
  • Customize it to fit the rest of the kitchen
  • When the TV is turned off, the front mirrors
  • Incl. Multifunctional remote

For more information about CabiTV, please click here.